We have some very exciting news to share…...

We want to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint in the future. So, as a business, we have signed up to the Ecoligi climate positive workforce. We believe that it is all our responsibilities to help save our planet where possible. Our funding directly impacts global atmospheric C02 levels. We know it’s preventable and that it’s not going to save itself, we all need to do our bit, however small.

So, it is up to us to solve it. Reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is taking far longer than the time we have remaining. The tools that we have associated with fighting climate change are becoming inadequate. What if that changed and the billions of us who care became empowered ?

There are plenty of climate solutions that are out there right now, and if we supported them it could undo nearly 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2.

This is Our Opportunity To Make A Difference.

So we have taken the decision that from 1st January 2012, Every Time Our Clients Book a Full Day Photography Session, We Will Plant An Extra 50 trees or

An Extra 25 Trees With Half Day Bookings.

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