Licentiate Qualification

For the just over a year I have been working towards becoming a qualified photographer with the The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Yesterday I found out that my panel of 20 images and supporting evidence had been viewed by a panel of 6 industry experts and judged to be of a high enough standard to be awarded a Licentiate.


Dave Dodge from Southampton has just been awarded a Licentiate qualification of The British Institute of Professional Photography (LBIPP) with a beautiful panel of Images of professional cycling.

The BIPP is recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence, the institute’s tiered qualification structure offers photographers continual professional development.

Licentiateship takes professionalism and time to achieve and is something that should be celebrated and shared as such.

A portfolio of 20 images along with supporting evidence has been assessed by three judges within the industry, taking into account, professional level of skill and competence in all aspects of photography; including the use of light, composition and image cropping. Working professional practices need to be understood, along with an individual creative flair.

A client will be confident in knowing they have booked a professional photographer who shows good all-round skills